Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Wednesday 31st October 07

A better day! Had a fairly relaxed first few hours, then cycled down to town to have my teeth cleaned, via the post office where I sent the bank paperwork to CompostFlow plus a covering letter expressing my disappointment.

Came back via my friend Debs who needed to chat.

In the evening, both boys went out to do Hallowe'en activities, involved lots of cycling around and taking them places, collecting them afterwards.

This evening there was very interesting news, about cancer and lifestyle choices. The most important thing they've said is that being overweight increases the risk of cancer, and it says to stop eating all processed meat, including bacon and ham. Wow! This from a big study by the World Cancer Research Fund. Excellent news for greens, as meat is a very unsustainable foodstuff, so any information which reduces consumption is a good thing!

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