Friday, 26 October 2007

Thursday 25th October 07

A better day than yesterday, although still feeling full of cold, with a runny nose and blocked sinuses. However just got on with the neccessary jobs around the house and in the garden. One of the jobs was to open the feather mattress thing from yesterday and put a layer of feathers on the current hot heap, quite a messy job. They will compost down very well though. I put a load of chopped potatoes on top to stop them blowing around, except there's no wind to blow them around, it's a fairly still day.

During the evening wrote my next column for Community Care, on food. Wrote it on paper (reused of course!) and then counted the words, as I'm supposed to do 350. I'd got it to 353, so I typed it in and sent it to them, asking them to do their wonderful editing stuff. They always come up with something good, they never massacre my work. Finished typing it in at 2am, my usual bedtime.

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