Sunday, 14 October 2007

Sunday 14th October 07

Lovely day! Had a slow start and then did things around the house, Gill took the kids out, to the shops, to feed the ducks, to play in Hull Road Park.

I had lunch and when they got back Pauling rang and asked if I was coming round, as I'd said that I'd come and do a bit of woodchopping for her, so at about 1.45 I cycled round, with bowsaw and chainsaw, collecting a large log from Baille Hill for her, and did half an hour for her, as she's also got a smokefree woodstove, but finds chopping wood a bit difficult, so I go and do it now and again for her.

She rewards me with coffee and chat, often giving me good advice as she is very sensible and pretty wise. I always enjoy being with her.

I came home via Martin's and picked up 3 sacks of compostables; there's another few to pick up later. I arrived home and took my eldest son off to The Outgang, Heslington Park, where we played with the frisbee, had a kick around with a football left there, and played on the various equipment. We had a good time, and then came back via the Science Park.

Gill was creating tea, a veg stew with a suet crust top, using the out-of-date lower-fat vegetable suet from Out Of This World. This with new potatoes from the garden and peas from frozen, not home-grown. I did half an hour loading the compost heap.

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