Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Wednesday 1st August 07 BIG GREEN GATHERING

Our bus from Weston left at 12 so had the morning with Lucy and children, so went to the nearby park and played and chatted, then via a co-op to get a few supplies and a box of chocolates for Lucy, before walking back to the station where the Festival bus was leaving from.

We exchanged our tickets for wristbands and got on the top deck of the bus, for a pretty ride through the countryside, up Burrington Coombe to the top of the Mendips where the Big Green Gathering takes place on Fernhill Farm, an organic meat farm, with pigs, sheep and I think some cattle. The bus dropped us into the festival so no need to wait in a queue, and went straight to the info place to ask where 'Glitterland' was this year, the litter pickers camping area, and the Brixton Tea Party marquee where litter crew get fed.

We put up our tents next to each other and went to explore the site. We have no work yet, as the compostables skips haven't arrived yet, and our job is 'quality control' and loading biodegradables into the skips. We'll start tomorrow.

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