Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Sunday 5th August 07 Big Green Gathering

Another early start, breakfast at 8 and start shift at 9, on the second skip, which we justabout completely filled by midday. Today good too on the finds... got a £6 mealticket for a meal at Roots Cafe (which I used later for lunch!) and then, amazingly, between a couple of paper plates, a £10 note and a £5 note!!!

So definitely worth working on the rubbish today, and satisfying to get so much biodegradable stuff into the skip for recycling, and ensuring it was good quality with relatively few contaminants.

At 1pm, went to the Last Chance Saloon again for my second Home Composting workshop, but the only people to come to this one were some folks trying to get out of the hot sunshine... blame it on the weather again! However they were interested and asked inteligent questions, so maybe they'll be better composters from now on.

After this, and the free lunch, happened upon the 'Question Time for BGG Directors' which was very interesting. Lots of debate, and anger even, about the fact that the 'Lost Vagueness' marquee had a generator, although powered by 100% biodiesel, the BGG strapline is 'Powered by the Sun, the Wind and the People' and there is a policy of no generators (ie fossil-fuel) on site. It was explained how/why it was there and we learned that there were other generators there, such as the tractors which suck out the non-composting toilets every day, and a back-up generator used by the outside security firm.

More frisbee in the evening. Late on, we had a wander up the fantastic canyon which is so spectacular, and had been adorned with candles and nightlights and had a lovely harpist in one place, we stopped and sat and loved it! Then later still, found the venue for a production of 'The Vagina Monologues' which was really excellent. Good on 'The Women of Avalon', thank you for sharing!

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