Monday, 13 August 2007

Monday 13th August 07

An early start as had a gig in Bishopthorpe, a playscheme, so loaded up, gathered costume together and got sandwiches packed, and headed off before 10am.

A good gig, as usual, with a show first, then a workshop for half an hour and then lunch, which I had chatting to the children and playleaders. Then another few minutes of circus workship whilst I inflated balloons for the balloon modelling show/workshop, which again went well.

Away by 2.30 and met Dr Sentamu, the Archbishop of York, who lives in Bishopthorpe, and we've met a number of times, so I thanked him for offering to be the patron of York Credit Union, which he was asked to be very soon after he gained his office. He's a lovely friendly chap, I almost regard him as a friend!

Popped in on Jo on the way back since it's ages since we've had a chat, and we spent an hour together chatting, which was good. Back by 4.30, straight into playing with kids.

I made tea for myself and Gill whilst the boys were eating theirs, mostly stuff from the garden, yum.

Telly evening, relaxing with a bottle of Swedish pear cider Kopparberg, which is fantastic and perfumed and sweet, my favourite perry to date!

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