Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Thursday 2nd August 07 Big Green Gathering

Woke to heavy rain trying to get into the tent.

I was booked in to the 'Last Chance Saloon' (run by the Climate Camp folks, soon to be protesting at Heathrow) at 11am to talk about home composting, and half a dozen people turned up, probably relatively few as the bad weather. Did a good talk though, and took a few of the people who stayed til the end to see the 05 and 06 heaps.

Decided to organise a 'naked ramble' or 'nude walkabout' on Friday evening, as last year there was one but I missed it, and would have liked to do it! I was egged on by Lorna who's quite keen on naturism, as I am, even with my very limited experience of it. We checked with the Gathering organisers, and they were OK and suggested how to publicise it.

After lunch, provided by the lovely volunteers at the Brixton Tea Party tent, Lorna and I got togged up to load the first skip up with catering slops, and I had a shovel so I could sort through the stuff and remove plastic bottles, bottle tops, non-biodegradable platic bags, glass bottles, cartons/tetrapacks, etc. It's amazing what some people put in the compostables collection!

So spent most of the afternoon in the skip sorting through whilst Lorna tipped stuff in bag by bag, and had regular deliveries from two vehicles servicing the site.

Had a solar heated shower before tea. After tea, put up some more Naked Ramble info.

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