Thursday, 8 March 2012

Wednesday 30th November 11

Up bright and early to take pears into Scoop. After which I collected some logs and did some good work in the garden, mainly taking last year's leafmould out of its wire cage and bagging it up in sacks.  The chicken wire cage was then empty, and ready to refill with the sacks of leaves I've collected over the past few weeks.

I discovered a couple of patches of very large fungi which I couldn't immediately identify.  They were growing out of the base of one of my humanure compost bins, so no wonder they were so big, all those nutrients!

I came in as the light faded and at about 5 started cooking tea as Gill and the boys were due to be late in due to congestion in town.  I made a rice dish... 2 onions and a leek in the wok, and some carrot cut into little sticks.  When that was all soft, I added rice and boiling water, and when the rice was nearly cooked, a tin of kidney beans and some reclaimed cherry tomatoes.  The family came in at 6.  I served the food but the rice could have been cooked for another 5 minutes... it was long-grain brown rice which needs a good 25 minute boil... however, both children said they really liked it 'al dente' and I was pleased they ate it all up.

At 6.20 I got a phone call from David... whoops, I was supposed to have been at his place at 6, but I'd forgotten.  I quickly bombed down to Scoop to collect my empty pear tray, and on to town where I got to David's at 6.45.

We went to City Screen where David met one of his old friends, Lotte's Mum, Janette, and I chatted to Janette's friend Sue.  However, we didn't spend a long time there and we got back home at about 8, I got him his food and we worked out the November hours, and I got a cheque.

Due to the large numbers of people in town today, there were lots of aluminium cans to be collected... I think I should go and cash them in soon!

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