Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Wednesday 14th April 10

A generally quiet day... Lots of work to do inside, child management, washing up, computer stuff.

At about 5pm I managed to get some time in the garden, and I did a lot of work... more tidying of brambles, and shredding them, and for the first time since the cold snap after Christmas, I have NO boxes or bags of compostable materials awaiting their destination on the heap... I have finally caught up with the crap, and I hope that I'll now keep on top of what I bring home.

However, when I came in at 8.30pm, my hands were really cut up with bramble prickles... they really hurt. But as most gardeners will tell you, it is preferable to use bare hands as using gloves just doesn't 'do it' for me.. I even prefer to hand-weed nettles without gloves. Yet, on my bike, I wear gloves all the year round. Weird!

A nice bowl of soup for tea, and a pastie and roast butternut squash.

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Aliboo said...

That's brilliant John. I know you'll be pleased. I haven't even sown my seeds for this year yet! Got so many other things to do. Must get round to it v soon!