Monday, 12 April 2010

Monday 12th April 10

A pretty non-eventful day in many ways... up not too early, and a slow start with my usual bowl of home-made muesli on top of 'brain flakes' (the secret of my intelligence!) and a bit of time with the laptop.

And the outside was calling so I got busy in the garden, more shredding (I took the shredder down the garden to reduce the time to-ing and fro-ing) and I did a huge load of brambles, hedge and pruned-out other bits.

I bagged up some more riddled compost and started re-filling the New Zealand bin that I dug out over the past couple of days. Oh, and the usual round of washing up, emptying the ash from the stove and that kind of housework.

I had no visitors and didn't go anywhere. Gill got a family day rover bus ticket and took our youngest to the trampolines in Coppergate, came home and took our eldest to town to get a new book, as he goes through them so quickly. Gill also got a game of Monopoly as an extra thing to help pass the time, and the boys played that until quite late.

So for me, quite an uneventful day, despite being productive and the garden looking a lot less woolly afterwards.

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