Friday, 19 March 2010

Friday 19th March 10

Up far too early... 6am... because I had to be on the train heading for Scarborough at 7.25.
So I got my bike loaded up and everything ready by 6.55 and bought my tickets, and just got the train with a couple of minutes to spare, and had a smooth trip over... mainly reading NewScientist.

Glenn was waiting for me at 8.15 when I arrived, and he took me to St Peter's School where Joanne his wife is head of Science. They have had a whole week of science events, and my show was the culmination of the week.

I had a coffee and a sit-down, then got changed and was ready for 9am... when something quite interesting happened. The school do an activity every morning called 'wake and shake', which is about 10 minutes of music and movement, to funky modern pop music, with teachers leading the movements. The idea behind this is that when the children go and sit down in their classrooms, they are eager to start learning and have woken up and got some endorphins flowing. There were two sessions, first the older ones and the the little ones down to Reception.

It looked fun and the majority of the children took part and seemed to enjoy it. I think it's a great idea.

Then at 9.20, it was my turn. I had the eldest children first and did my full hour's show. I love doing my Fun Physics show and workshop... and today I did it four times, although the afternoon sessions were just 45 minutes each, which was a bit tough.

Glenn picked me up at 3.15 and took me to the station, I got changed on the train. I met Christine in the train and talked with her about mediation and related subjects.

I picked up some compostables on the way back home, balanced on the unicycles on the trailer.

Exhausted but my next door neighbour had a load of bricks delivered so I got the wheelbarrow and helped him move them.

I cooked my own tea too, carrot, broccoli, pasta.

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