Thursday, 1 October 2009

Thursday 1st October 09

A relaxing day as nothing happening apart from a social visit... well there was a purpose to it, but it was 80% social.

Ben was due to come round at 10 but arrived a bit early and I'd only just got dressed so was happy to sit and have a coffee with him and see the whiteboard he'd accidentally used permanent marker on... and try the solvent I'd offered him to try to remove this. I have both paraffin and Surgical Spirit... the latter is mainly methanol and worked quite well with kitchen tissue and lots of elbow grease.

We had some interesting conversations about astrophysics and X-ray binary star systems before going for a wander down the garden.

I gave him some fresh apples and some dried fruit and he left before lunch. Melody popped round to pick up her SUMA order.

I did assorted jobs in the garden during the afternoon but nothing too strenuous, cycled round to the chemist to get a prescription, went round to a neighbour's to chop a log in two and bring the two lengths back in the trailer.

Tea was a bowl of squash and red pepper soup and the remains of yesterday's Bulgar wheat loaf.

A warm evening with the stove on, washing up, drying fruit, playing facebook scrabble. I submitted my Carbon Account readings. Next month my annual figures will be much better as the aeroplane emissions (1947kg one way Manchester to Atlanta) from my visitor a year ago will be more than a year in the past. Hooray!

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