Friday, 16 October 2009

Friday 16th October 09

A good day, with a bit of a late start but when I did get going I did another bout of hedge in the garden... I'm over halfway now. It's looking good, nice and open, more light. I think having a fence will be an improvement.

After lunch I did a little bit more (another 30 roots in a sack, destination unknown) but soon got ready to go and get two cheques out to pay the deposit for the solar panels, one from my Fiddlesticks money and the other from the Credit Union savings. Then I cycled round to a friend who wanted some help with a bike... simple things but this person is new to bikes and asked me to come and check it out. We walked into town and bought a pump and lights, walked back and I fixed the bike, and was rewarded with coffee and good conversation.

Home via Freshways and a quiet evening at home. Fruit drying tonight, washing up too... the usual!

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