Friday, 24 July 2009

Thursday 23rd July 09

In the morning I cycled round to St Nicks to give back the Rotters stuff from last night, and then popped down to Country Fresh to thank Shirley for the basket of fruit which was the first prize to go in the raffle, and then on to Gladys who had asked me to help her dispose of some rubbish. This turned out to not be rubbish, but two galvanised tubs, 'dolly tubs' used for washing clothes, plus a roll of roofing felt. I put the roofing felt on Freecycle but I'll use the tubs to grow stuff in.

I was surprised by the instant response re the roofing felt... almost immediately there were four responses asking for it, and later, when it appeared on the digest email with 25 messages in, another four enquirers. I had put that I would wait a while to decide who was to receive it, so I left it for today.

I popped round to Lynn to pick up the cash Gill earned with her little quiches, and saw the Yorky checks I earned with the dried fruit. I chatted to Mark on the way back too... a very social day!

I spent quite a bit of time logging with the newly repaired chainsaw.

In the evening I went to St Nicks to the York in Transition meeting; I took the minutes and when I got in, spent ages trying to type them up, but also chatted on facebook instant messaging with a friend who was feeling very low. I cheered her up, she said, which felt good.

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