Thursday, 13 November 2008

Thursday 13th November 08

Gill took our youngest to school and then went to town on the bus to get a requested green tee shirt for our eldest (I've no idea why he needs this, but his school has lots of material needs...) and I had a fairly lazy morning... took a few phone calls, dealt with emails and did some letter writing.

Gill came back for lunch which we ate together and after this, I had a short session in the garden putting another load of watermelons and about 20 200g packs of 'Chinese morning glory' in the Compostumbler.

We both went down to school, as I was volunteering with Green Thumbs. Gill came in and reminded me about BBC's Blue Peter Appeal, called 'Mission Nutrition', so I decided to ask the children about Blue Peter and whether they wanted to help raise some money for their appeal. We eventually got round to the (preferred) 'Bring and Buy' fundraising technique, and agreed on that. Three older children wrote a letter to Mrs P the head teacher, and took it to her, and came back with a decision... Friday 23rd January 2009, 3.15pm, in the 'pack-up bags' area if wet; in the playground if fine. Wonderful! Next week we'll do some posters for this event.

The tasks today were all inside, as it was raining, and some children made Christmas Cards, others made Christmas Tree Star decorations out of twigs, paint and glitter, and still others made stuffed fabric decorations. Busy, messy and fun!

I came home and collected three sacks of wet autumn leaves on Windmill Lane in my usual fashion... cycling fast, sticking out my welly-booted foot into the kerb which scrapes up a big pile of leaves slowing me down, so that when I stop, there's several armfuls of leaves for me to put into the trailer or a sack, and take home for the leafmold enclosure.

We had pasta for tea and I got ready for the York in Transition meeting. This meeting was again at the Stables Project, but this time the meeting was far more complicated... we continued what we did last week, building on it, and looked at the different jobs/roles/tasks etc which were possible in a York in Transition process, and tried to prioritise them and group them together. It seemed very theoretical and I found it a tough meeting to get my head around. But hats off to Jennie and Edward for helping us through it and for bringing this planning process towards an end. Just one more of these types of meeting before we do something a little more vibrant... However I did find out that allegedly, the Stables Project does have a ramp to make their downstairs room accessible, although their toilet definitely isn't...

I got home at 10pm and our eldest was still doing homework, writing an excellent story about a mythical Roman scenario mixed with a bit of SciFi and computer game imagery. Gill read me the story when she came down at 11pm, which is when he finished.

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