Sunday, 14 September 2008

Saturday 13th September 08

Off to Preston to entertain new students at the University of Central Lancashire, UCLAN. A ridiculously early start, had to be on the 06.13 train... which was made more bearable by meeting Robin from Visitation Productions who is also going to the same event.

After an hour of chat (til the other side of Leeds) he had a snooze and I read NewScientist and woke him up at Preston. We got a taxi up to the Harrington Building where we had a long wait for our handler to arrive, and when she did, we were swiftly despatched to our locations. Robin was taken to another campus, but I stayed at the central location and found a good spot in a lobby where I twiddled my devilsticks all day and did a small number of balloons and perhaps 3 workshops, in about 5 hours of work (10 til 4 with a lunch break). So a very very tough day.

I waited for Robin to get back from his far-flung gig and we got a taxi up to Ashton where he had booked us into a BnB/Hotel/guest house.

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