Thursday, 8 November 2007

Thursday 8th November 07

Quite a good day, had a fairly chilled morning, various jobs around the house and then to town to transfer some money from savings to bank, so there's some money in there. I called in on Out Of This World but they had nothing since yesterday so came back via Martin's and then the lottie, where my compost pile got another good layer of veg and fruit. Jo came to chat, as she's off to Whitby over the weekend and wanted to talk before tomorrow's York Rotters event.

I dug out a finished heap and put it into several plastic sacks and a dustbin, ready for next spring. Then dug out a half-finished heap and put it into the newly vacated 'New Zealand Bin', and covered it with a sack for the winter. I will allow some rain to get to it, but not too much or the goodness will wash out.

Got back for a late lunch and tried to get on with preparing some nosh for the kids tea. Made broccoli soup on the woodstove. Gill had been making pizza dough. Gill went to see our little one's assembly, I collected our older one at 4.15 after Drama Club.

Gill and I had a game of Scrabble during the evening and she slaughtered me... I picked rubbish letters!

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