Thursday, 22 November 2007

Thursday 22nd November 07

An early start as Gill was feeling sore and achey after her fall yesterday, so I took the kiddies to school. However before that, whilst eating breakfast, I played the CD that my friend Simon has found for me, a fantastic album called 'If 60s were 90s' by Beautiful People... a remix of Jimi Hendrix set to a dance-tempo... one of my top 10 albums. I had a poor quality taped version years ago, and I loved it. Simon has found this copy for me, I played it and it gave my shivvers up and down my spine, and made me cry. Wow, music hasn't had this effect on me for quite a while. Thank you Simon, I am very happy.

Did a clean up of the living room as having a visitor this afternoon, and I popped into town to put in a couple of cheques and got back at lunchtime and our visitor came and stayed an hour or so, then I did some work on the computer and Gill got our youngest who brought a friend home, whils the eldest went to drama club. I went to get him at 4.15 and we bombed back home so we could have tea and go to Cubs for the first time.

We cycled down to cubs on Bishopthorpe Road via Cycle Heaven where my lad chose some fingerless gloves, his own choice... I always like full gloves, but he prefers finger-free ones... I also got him a mudguard and reflector which is also needed for these dark, wet evenings.

Then onto Cubs, which he seemed to enjoy and got involved in all of the activities. I sat upstairs and plugged in my laptop and deleted loads of old emails, and put others into folders for safe storage... A good 90 mins

Then a cycle back but the long way, 'off road' and through the stray, getting back at 8.40.

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