Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Wednesday 25th January 12

A really good day, seemed to get a lot done, despite a late start, with Gill waking me up when she got in from delivering the kids to school.  She'd also popped into a city centre shop and returned some clothes she bought in October but they didn't fit, and they, amazingly took them back.  She was very pleased.

I had my breakfast and read my emails.  I got one from a representative of HotBin Composting, whom I responded to yesterday via a facebook advert.  I asked a few questions on their facebook page and told them I was interested in their product for York Rotters. I like the look of the bin as it's insulated (the plastic walls are full of air bubbles), has integral thermometers and is made in Northampton, UK.  They agreed to send a trial bin to me.... I asked whether they'd like to have it seen by loads of people (at St Nicks) or be used a lot (by me in my garden).  I was very happy to hear that they wanted to send me one AND one to St Nicks.  I look forward to trialling mine.  They seem like nice people.

Then I had lunch and sorted out a bit more stuff about the forthcoming weekend's activities, and then cycled to Fulford to see a friend, an old lady called Margaret, who frequently has squirrels bury walnuts in her garden, and they germinate... but she doesn't want walnut trees in her garden.  She'd asked me to come and dig up one sapling, about 70cm high, and an oak tree seedling... maybe 2 years old, and 20cm high, and I'd checked with St Nicks whether they wanted them, which they did.

On the way I met Valerie, the really lovely lollipop lady at Lord Deramore's, and she said she was moving as she and her husband had bought a place near Ripon, I think, and she'd be leaving her job at half term.  I am happy for her but will miss her as she's such a nice person.  I hope we can keep in touch.

So I dug up the unwanted tree seedlings and put them in a plastic bag and cycled over towards St Nicks, going via Heslington Road.  I saw lights on at Country Fresh, and so I popped my head in and said hello.  There were 4 Asian gents there, and I asked if they were taking the shop on... and great news, they are re-opening it as a greengrocers!!!! Excellent!  I told them about my previous relationship with Country Fresh and suggested that I'd be interested in continuing the situation.  They seemed happy to see me and invited me to pop in on Monday.

I called into Hazel Court to dispose of a load of plastic bottles in their recycling banks and some ferrous scrap into their metal skip. No hassle taking the stuff up to the top by bike.  Glad they're being sensible these days.

And on to St Nicks where Jonathan the Education chappie took the trees off my hands, and said he'd heel them in and plant them tomorrow, on the Mosque side of the nature reserve.

And so to home, where I had an hour before cycling down to town to work for David, who was keen to go to City Screen for a coffee and a read of The Times, before going back home to have his microwaved meal and prune juice.  I left at 7.45 and came home via a logpile.

A relaxed evening with an avocado sandwich and two veggie sausages, some telly and the computer.  Yup, a really good day.

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