Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Sunday 22nd January 12

Basically, a quiet day in.

Oh, apart from 5 times when the bullying nearby-neighbour managed to set off his house alarm.  Apparently he was doing some electrical work in the house (on a Sunday!!!) and this kept on tripping his burglar alarm.  I nearly went round to tell him to shut it up but didn't.  It was fun thinking about what I could have said... but of course, I am always as polite as pie to him, despite him being quite offensive towards me.

However, I did do a couple of hours down the garden, digging out the air-raid shelter compost bin and putting the contents, minus some of the inevitable plastic bits and bobs which went in a bin bag, and a few unrotted sticks and peach stones which got saved and went straight in the bottom of the newly vacated bin.  I put a load of tough brambles in the base, which helped hold the flattened cardboard boxes against the corrugated iron sides.  I always line my compost heaps with cardboard as it helps insulate them, and eventually the card rots down too.  I got a load of guinea pig hay, straw, newspaper and droppings on top of the brambles and then a couple of sacks of shredded Christmas tree and pine stuff from the front garden tree. That should make a good base for the regular input from Freshways and Alligator.

Later, I really enjoyed watching a film on Channel 4 called 127 Hours, about a chap who becomes trapped in the middle of nowhere by a falling boulder and has to cut his own arm off to free himself.  An exceptionally well-made film, in my opinion, and despite the gory nature of some of it, I really enjoyed it.

Last thing (well, after midnight) I had a good deep and very hot bath, as I'd put both cans on the stove.  Good to have a 'deep clean' now and again!

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