Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Tuesday 15th February 11

I got up early to leave the house at 8, so I could get the 8.27 to Sheffield.  But I had lost my bag with diaries etc in, but I didn't panic, and just set off at ten past.  I raced to the station, got there in about 10 minutes and got my ticket and easily got the 8.27. 

I met Ali at 9,30 at Sheffield Station; she'd taken her daughter to school and her son to work, and then picked me up. 

I did assorted jobs, including cleaning out her Can Of Worms stacking wormery, which had lost it's population over the winter, through lack of food and being frozen.  I restocked it with worms I got out of the base of her compost bin, which mainly has rabbit bedding in it... but some was reasonably composted down and I filled a small plastic sack with the stuff out of the base.  There were plenty of worms, lots of babies just 5 to 10 mm long.  I put a load of bedding into the wormery and some food waste too.  Hopefully it will sustain if fed regularly. 

Ali took me for lunch at a pub she regularly goes to, and we had some good conversations.  She is very sensible and wise; I should take her advice.

Later I cut the beech hedge with a powerful electric hedge trimmer.  I enjoyed using this, although it was heavy and made my arms ache, and I got a huge pile of trimmings off it, which I raked up and left in a pile as in Sheffield they don't have a green bin garden compostables collection like there is in York.  There might be a 'green sack' collection, though.  However, there were no available sacks....

Helena, one of Ali's PAs, cooked a Quorn and vegetable-based shepherd's pie and an apple crumble, and I was invited to stay for tea, which was really nice, and I left for the bus into Sheffield at about 7pm.  I chatted to a chap on the bus who had been attacked by a mob with a crowbar about 10 years previously, and left disabled and unable to work.  He got off and an old chap got on and desperately wanted to talk to me; he was about to celebrate his 80th birthday and he wanted to know if I supported United or Wednesday, whether I gambled, and much more besides!  I got off at the station and I only had 10 minutes to wait for the 7.54 train.

I got home just after 9pm, and all was well at home.  I reloaded the log baskets, did some washing up, peeled some old bananas for drying, and caught up with over 50 emails.  Gill had found my missing bag left at St Nicks and had collected it for me.  What a darling!

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