Monday, 14 February 2011

Sunday 13th February 11

A lovely slow start to the day... came down just as Gill was going back up to listen to The Archers, so I had my breakfast and watched a bit of TV whilst eating and checking my emails, and then went upstairs again and we didn't come down til midday!  A very luxurious and indulgent morning.

This set us up for a good day, mostly inside due to damp weather.  We enjoyed Gardener's Question Time on Radio 4, and I did a fair amount of work online, including creating an invoice for the presentation I did yesterday.

I sorted out some fruit Richard gave me, shelled pumpkin seeds (whilst watching Madagascar with the wonderful David Attenborough) and took apart the assorted electrical bits that Justin kindly put aside for me to dismantle and reclaim the metals. 

Just before bed, we watched Bridget Jones The Edge of Reason AGAIN.  Whilst I blanched grapes and peeled pears and did the washing up...

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