Sunday, 6 February 2011

Saturday 5th February 11

Quite a good day... had no paid work and the weather was mild and initially not rainy, so I riddled yet more sawdust and did quite a bit of chopping stuff up and piling it on a 'New Zealand' heap, and in two tumblers and two daleks.  I must have done about 100 kg.

Inside, I finished making the butternut squash soup, by adding bouillon, a dash of cumin and some mixed herbs, then I whizzed it and put it on the stove to heat through.  It was delicious!  I followed a bowl of that with a slice of nutloaf.

But apart from the sawdust, compost, soup and the inevitable washing up, I had a nothingy day, which was very nice.  Oh, in the evening I had a good chat with Nomy who is feeling a lot better than she did a week or two back.

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