Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Tuesday 21st December 10, Winter Solstice

Gill always wakes earlier than me and woke me up at about 7 to see the eclipse of the moon.  It was quite a while before totality and it was less than impressive.  I went back to bed and slept through the potentially more impressive total eclipse, but Gill saw it at about dawn and she wasn't impressed, as it wasn't that visible as it had become too light.

So I slept til nearly 9am and then got up to make best use of the little daylight there is today.  As we're going through logs quickly, I did a load more stacking, and some chainsawing and splitting... and even persuaded my eldest son to help with some easy stacking, of chopped up pallets.  Gill went into town on the bus and came back with a good pair of shoes, plus some bits and bobs for Christmas presents for the boys.

I visited Country Fresh late afternoon and bought a bag of fruit and veg plus brought 2 half sacks of compostables home.  Was good to see Richard, we nearly always have a laugh.

In this blog I don't do a lot of comment and analysis about politics and the science of climate change, but that doesn't mean I'm not interested.  The primary purpose of this is a diary, replacing my daily handwritten journal which I kept for 20 years or so before I started writing this.  I write it to show how someone can live a fulfilling and interesting life without emitting much fossil carbon.  However, today something happened which I'd like to write about.

A few days ago I saw a link on facebook to a video so I watched it and thought that it was mostly crap. It linked the Gulf of Mexico oil spill to the current cold snap because the author thinks that the oil spill has shut down the Gulf Stream..  I put a short concise comment which the author, someone labelling themselves MrGlasgowtruther, replied to.  We had a bit of messaging ping pong. 

Today I saw an excellent blog post by George Monbiot which explains the current weather really well, and has links to good sound science publishing.  I tried to post this link to the YouTube comments section of the video, but I wasn't able to, and thought I'd been blocked, but this evening I posed a comment and was able to... it was just the URL link that wasn't able to be posted.  So the gist of this is that the current bitterly cold weather is actually due at least partly due to 'global warming', or as it should be more accurately termed, 'climate change', or even more accurately anthropogenic climate change, ie caused by the actions of humans.

So, a good day... cold, but productive and relaxing.  Work tomorrow... the last day of paid work this year.

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