Saturday, 25 December 2010

Friday 24th December 10

I enjoyed waking up this morning, a long slow drift into conciousness.  A peaceful morning too... lovely.

I did a bit of kitchen work, some stuff in the garden, a trip to see Richard to get a few parsnips and spuds, and to give him a non-Xmas present of some dried fruit and a little jar of sweet red pepper paprika, to aid his cooking adventures.  In return, he gave me some onion bhajis which he'd been given (from the nearby Indian takeaway, I think) which made my evening meal.

I sorted out a lot of fruit today... made a banana and lime and tamarind leather, was in the middle of this when Maria came round.

Later, Nick popped in to deliver a card, he had a cuppa and some tamarind, and some of the banana and lime leather I made last week.  I think he was impressed.

Gill and I had a leisurely evening dealing with the presents, watching rubbish on the box and keeping warm.

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