Saturday, 11 December 2010

Friday 10th December 10

An earlyish start as I was due to take our eldest round to Maria, our biochemist friend who coaches and teaches, and has agreed to do science for an hour a week as part of his home schooling.  I had told him that I'd be happy to go round with him, to sit in with him if he wanted, or to stay in Maria's house.  In the end, I sat downstairs for the hour, read my NewScientist and dozed.  Our lad had a good session, mainly planning the forthcoming weeks.

I went into town to meet my new friend Lisa, whom I've had loads of chats with on facebook, and we have a shared music taste (Talking Heads, dance music, etc) but we'd never met, until today. So we went to El Piano and after that, I parked my bike and we walked down to the Millennium Bridge, and then back into town the other side of the river.  I was really pleased to meet her, and I'm happy to have found another friend.

I cycled home for a late lunch via Country Fresh, and then realised I'd forgotten to do one of the jobs I'd meant to do in town; paying in a cheque and some cash o our Suma account, as we're doing an order next week. So I cycled back into town, did the Co-op bank stuff, then went to Alligator to pick up their compostables, and by the time I got home it was dark. 

My next thing was to walk down to Heslington with our eldest, as Simon had offered to do a regular class about computer graphics, whilst his son is out at Scouts.  I came back via a logpile a student had alerted me to, and then I did another trip to it, before going to get our son at 8.  He had really enjoyed the computer graphics workshop.  He has a real aptitude for the subject, apparently.  We walked up to the logpile and collected a third trailer load, and walked home, chatting.  Nice.

Later, I collected a fourth load, then had a wood-fired bath and found my train times and destination for tomorrow.  Early start, so a bit earlier to bed than usual.

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