Friday, 12 November 2010

Thursday 11th November 10

I woke feeling much more cheery.  Both boys got to school and this meant we could get on with stuff around the house.

Gill was busy preparing the wall in our youngest's bedroom to take a self adhesive magnetic strip, and then put the other bit of the magnetic strip onto the sheet of perspex which I carefully cycled home last week.  By the early evening, it was up... secondary double glazing, and hopefully will mean that his room will be warmer.  We ought to put up Sempatap too, but it's quite expensive.  The secondary glazing cost about £70.

I did quite a bit of logpile stacking, at the front door again, on the left looking out.  We've had both stoves going quite a bit and we're getting through the logs quickly.  I had several phone calls including my agent asking me if I'd be interested in doing several gigs as Father Christmas.  I have mixed feelings, as I don't really enjoy doing this... but if it earns me an income, I feel that I need to do it.  Let's see if the various local authorities and city centre managers say yes to my quote.

I visited Country Fresh to get a big bag of root vegetables and two sacks of compostables plus two boxes full.  Also a sack from Freshways.    Then I went straight back down to town to pick up a freecycled bag of carrier bags which I'll use to sell compost in next spring, and then on to Millers Yard to pick up 3 sacks of autumn leaves.  I came back via Sainsburys to get nice bread, cheese, soya yoghurt, soya ice cream and a treat, four cans of Kopparberg perry.

I had a fairly quiet evening, editing the Novaterium website to reflect some feedback I'd had from Promessa UK.  I also dealt with the three remaining pineapples and all the slices of pineapple look lovely drying on the racks.  It is one of my favourite dried fruits.

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