Monday, 8 November 2010

Sunday 7th November 10

A work day.  I got up early and did my laptop catch up, and then got my Professor Fiddlesticks clothes and kit together, making sure I had everything I need.  Then packed it into the bike trailer and headed down to the station to get the 11.29 to Doncaster.  Here I had a 30 minute wait... and got accosted by a group who were going down to London to some sort of awards ceremony, as one of them, a child, had saved a load of people from dying in a fire.  I think it was the Pride of Britain awards, at Grosvenor House.  They were asking about my odd-looking equipment and requested balloon models... so I gave them one each.

The train to Brough normally goes to Hull but today, due to engineering on the line, it stopped at Brough, but that was where I was going anyway, so I didn't need to go and get a bus onto Hull, thank goodness.

My lift soon came and Paul, Dad, drove me to the party venue, which was at South Cave.  I've performed at this venue before and it's a lovely quite modern community centre.  There were already loads of partygoers and their parents, so I quickly got changed and soon the show was getting going, with the usual 'warm up acts' from the audience first, and then my Circus routine which went incredibly smoothly.  

So then it was birthday tea... the two children who I'd been booked to do the party for, plus an unexpected extra, a girl with assorted disabilities, who apparently was a neighbour and was approaching a birthday and kind of hitched onto this event.  So this meant there were maybe 50 children and perhaps 20 adults there... a good audience, but quite tough for the balloon workshop, as I had a queue of participants who burst their balloon and were asking for another.  Not only this, but I only had about 25 minutes for this show, and I usually need 30 to 45 minutes.  But it went well, and I finished only 5 minutes late, at 4.05pm.  Everybody seemed really happy with the party, and I got paid and got changed and got my kit loaded into Paul's car and got driven back to Brough station, where I only had 5 minutes to wait for the train back to Doncaster, and got back to York just after 6pm.

I had a quick bike ride back home, collecting a box of compostables from Country Fresh, specially left out for me, and Gill had made an interesting tea... baked sweet squash and a kind of shepherd's pie thing with some wonderful ingredients, which included broad beans.

A quiet evening, various laptop stuff going on.  Enjoyed 'The Sky At Night' as always.

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