Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Monday 8th November 10

A nice simple day, although it started with a very weird lucid dream which Gill asked me about but I couldn't explain as it was far too complicated. 

I got up and got to St Nicks for a York Rotters management meeting for 10am.  It was a fairly short meeting as John had another meeting at 11, I was glad to chat to Sara the Waste Minimisation Officer about how I might be able to take the People and Planet composting project forward, she suggested that as the contract is with YorWaste, we need to talk to them.

I came home via Freshways and when I got back, found a freecycler had given me 5 sacks of leaves for my leafmould pile.  That's the easiest way to get leafmould!

As it was raining I had a fairly quiet afternoon, some paperwork, other bits and bobs.  At about 5pm, Gill got something out of the freezer to add to tea... and couldn't get the door shut again.  I told Gill that this was the cue to defrost the freezer, so I got a box from the loft and we loaded the contents into that, and then I spent over 5 hours defrosting it with bowls of hot water from the stove, left to sit in the freezer and slowly melt the thick ice, and a careful but prolonged attack with a breadknife.  Eventually I got it completely ice-free, dry and clean, the trays washed out and dried, and it all put back together.  It was fascinating what we found underneath it!  I'd wondered where that knife had gone....

So that job took most of the evening and I wasn't able to get anything much else done.

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