Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Tuesday 5th October 10

A day with a lot of walking... I did some deliveries in the morning, and then got a reminder phone call from Geoff about collecting his bag from the Seahorse and delivering it to the Credit Union, which I did, and then when I got home, John Horsley had put a message through the letterbox saying that a builder was wanting to give me some offcuts, so I cycled to where John said it was but the builder had gone home.  So I delivered some more election leaflets, in Tang Hall.

Then at 6pm, my Election Agent Andy Chase came round and we did most of Badger Hill, til about 8pm, when I needed some tea.  Pasta and broccoli, with other bits.

In the evening one of my facebook friends, Sarah, who runs Moors Wood Environment Centre, told me about a woodstove she's been to see today, and fallen in love with. For some time she had set her heart on a Clearview, but this stove, the Burley t3, looks even better. She'll probably have this installed by early next year.  I want to see one!

Oh, and we had a SUMA delivery at about 10am which was earlier than we expected, and Melody came later in the day to pick up her stuff.

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