Sunday, 10 October 2010

Saturday 9th October 10 Eco Family Day

An early start as I had to be at St Lawrence's before 10 to help set up... I thought my fruit press would be there but it wasn't; it was delivered at about 10.30.  But the Transition stall was there, as were lots of other campaign and community groups, the Council's 'Nappacino' stall with reusable nappy information (it costs the Council thousands of pounds to landfill disposable nappies), some people doing fruit smoothies, a bike and trike try-out demonstration outside in the playground, and more.  Anna had done well to co-ordinate this event. 

A fair few people came through the doors and the York in Transition stall got another half-dozen signatures for the mailing list.  I chatted with a nice lady called Karen who runs or works for 'Grace' preserves.  I met my old friend Kate who was with the cycling try out.  Chloe and Dave from Edible York and Abundance brought loads of apples and washed them, halved them and they got put through the grinder and into the press, and we made loads of very sweet and tasty juice.  This was popular!

Cleaning up was not too easy. The press and grinder are easiest to clean with a hose, but we only had a jug and a sink.  We left the press at the school, to be picked up on Monday and taken to St Nicks ready for Apple Day next weekend.  I took home a large amount of apple press solids and the bits of fruit skins etc from the smoothie maker.  Oh, and a large pile of compostable paper cups from her too. 

Andy D'Agorne took the remaining leaflets and a map of the roads in Hull Road Ward which haven't yet been leafleted, and a few hours later he popped in to give the remaining undelivered ones back and the map. 

I loaded up one of the heaps with shredded apple and shredded twigs.  I want it to be hot for tomorrow when I'm holding a 10:10:10 'Work Party' to show people composting and invite then to help dig out a large heap.

I was tired and didn't want to be subjected to the Come Dancing nonsense so I had a couple of hours upstairs and found a nice dance music website called Limbic Frequencies.

Later, had a real game of Scrabble with Gill, not on facebook. 

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