Thursday, 30 April 2009

Wednesday 29th April 09

Got up and had a bath, the usual bathwater off the top of the stove trick, and washed my hair which had bits of garden in it. Then soon after 9 headed off down to town to get the 9.44 to Leeds, as Ali had invited me over.

We had an interesting day, first at a meeting then at her home where she's sorted out her garden, compost bin, wormery, bokashi bins, raised beds and more. I was impressed with her new low energy bulbs, replacing wasteful high-heat producing halogen spotlights. She also has an eco-kettle which has a reservoir of water and you press a button which lets just exactly the right amount of water into the boiling chamber. This means you don't have to boil too much, then let it cool down, wasting that initial energy.

At 3 we went to collect Ali's daughter from school, and she was very thrilled to see me and took me to see the chickens. I liked that school's allotment. Excellent!

For the next couple of hours I was used as a climbing frame and I was glad to have pizza and salad for tea.

At 7, Ali had to go to town to collect something so she dropped me off at my brother's house, and it was lovely to see him and his family. I spent a couple of hours there, drinking beer, playing table tennis, viewing the garden, chatting to the kids.

I then got the 9.54 train back home and was back in York by 11pm, home soon after... with a load of compostables from Country Fresh... you cannot stop a Rotter! Gill had had a very peaceful evening and was pleased to see me.

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