Thursday, 9 April 2009

Thursday 9th April 09

A bit of a lie-in, which was nice, and spent quite a lot of the morning sorting out a double booking which I've unfortunately got us into. We now have re-organised our summer holiday so it doesn't clash with something else!

Spent much of the day sorting out more logs in the front, and compostables in the back, and brought a load of finished compost up to the front of the house so Ali could collect it for her raised beds.

Gill went into town and all was quiet and chilled in the house.

When she came back, I visited Country Fresh to deliver four bags of specially mixed seed compost, made from some loam, leafmould, a bit of compost and some fine sand. I collected a fairly small amount of compostables.

Ali came at about 5.30, her daughter very excited to be here and see the boys... they let her play on the computer and were lovely with her. Ali took 3 sacks of riddled compost and about 5 sacks of mature, finished but unriddled compost. That ought to sort out her garden!

Gill made a cauliflower cheese with macaroni and baked squash... really tasty. Tried to give our eldest a haircut with my new shaver, but his hair was too long and wiry for the beard trimmer, so Gill did a haircut first with her hairdressing scissors... then the trimmer! All the hair went for composting...

After tea I spent another hour trying to get through the backlog of green potatoes, which need chopping up and putting in one of the tumblers... A very peaceful contemplative experience. In just before 10, but had to go out again to deliver something to Simon. Busy busy busy...

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