Sunday, 5 April 2009

Sunday 5th April 09

A super day... nice slow start and then did loads of my favourite activity in the garden, digging out a compost heap and riddling, also sorted out some of the pots from last year's tomatoes and other conservatory veg, by tipping out the spent growing medium and rubbing it through a riddle and taking out the biggest roots. The crumbly soil I put on the raised beds and around the garden where I feel the soil level needs building up.

The boys played in the garden too, my eldest helped cut up a pile of green potatoes thrown out by the grocers so they could go on the compost heap and have a chance of not growing!

Rakesh rang me and asked if I'd take some sacks of ivy he's cut down from a tree in his garden, as he cannot take them to Hazel Court as he has a van and it requires a permit, which he hasn't applied for. I told him I'd be happy to recycle his ivy for him, so he drove round and dropped it off. I'll feed it through the shredder and bung it in the now empty Compostumbler along with the next couple of week's greengrocer's 'resources'...

Gill made pizza dough and did a brilliant pizza, with the first of the purple sprouting broccoli out of the garden as a side dish, and potatoes from Country Fresh.

This weekend must have been one of the best weekends we've had for quite a while, pretty peaceful, lots of friends to play with and good weather so outside activities were possible and fun.

Let's hope for more days like these.


James said...

Did you know there was a a patron saint of Composting? Well not exactly, but on St Mark’s Day
The St Mark’s fly (a small black midge) emerge in their hundreds from compost heaps/rotting vegetation around this time – recognisable by its hanging legs when flying.

So that's Friday 25th April, I shall look forward to report of big celebrations in the Cossham Household?

Compost John said...

I didn't know this.
Is it Friday 24th April 09 or Sat 25th?

James said...

Visit this link, and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Compost John said...

Thanks James, which thing were you pointing people to?

James said...

The section on St Marks Day, but generally the whole site is of interest.