Thursday, 5 February 2009

Wednesday 4th February 09

A good day although during the day I didn't get much done apart from housework and such like. I took our youngest into school... he didn't cycle as it was icy, he sat on my luggage rack with his cycle helmet on, hanging onto me. He says it's quite comfortable! Well, more so than sitting side-saddle on the crossbar...

So, before we knew it, it was time to go and get him again... the day went really quickly except from a visit from Simon to collect his SUMA stuff, always nice to see him.

Once our little one was home, I went up to see Wendy and her son, who's friends with our eldest, and quit by chance, they are selling an exercise bike at the same time as our eldest wants one! He no longer cycles to school as it's near enough to walk, and sometimes he has excess energy so he suggested that he get an exercise bike to use to use this. He had walked up to his friends house to see the machine. It seemed to be very posh... with electronic read-out of kilometres cycled, calories burnt, speed, pulse rate (measured by contacts on the handlebars) and even different sorts of rides, with uphill sections or ups and downs! New, I think it cost about £100, and Wendy was happy to see it go... for £5!!! I tried to offer her more but she wouldn't take it!

I left the boys playing and went to the veg shop and then on to Freshways to do my regular pick-ups, and home, and then back to Wendy's to pick up our static cyclist and the machine which fitted conveniently on my trailer. When we got it back, it caused some excitement... especially the burning off calories bit! It gives a readout about your fitness levels as well!

Tea was a carrot soup I'd made, with sandwiches, after which I went to the York Green Party AGM, which was well attended. Our guest speaker was Jacquie Warren the relatively new Sustainability Officer at the City of York Council, and then we agreed a new constitution which acknowledges our local supporters as well as paid-up national members. I managed to not volunteer for anything which was good as I'm involved with too much as it is! A good meeting.

Home before 10pm.

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Aliboo said...

I can imagine how pleased you are for not volunteering for something!!! Not an easy thing for an activist - but a skill definitely needed to avoid burnout. Well done matey.