Sunday, 8 February 2009

Saturday 7th February 09

A good day on the whole. At 10, as agreed yesterday or the day before, David rang and we confirmed the meeting in Museum Gardens to do a final(?) photoshoot for my new flyer.

So at 12.50 I set off, in costume, and with some of my circus gear, and got to the Museum Gardens just after 1pm. We did a variety of shots... including some of me standing on top of a box and doing the diabolo around my foot, some of me with devilstick on my nose, taken from above (using the stairs at The Hospitium) and some unicycling action shots and juggling portrait ones. It was very cold so i was glad to keep moving. We spent about an hour doing these... during which a little boy whom I'd met last week ran up requesting more Fiddlesticks activities... so I let him play with some equipment whilst we got on with the photography.

I did a lot of logpile building during the afternoon, and a little bit of chainsawing and compost heap construction.

So a pleasant day. Gill also had a good day, taking the boys into town where they spent pocket money on a computer game each.

Soup for tea... hooray, we've finished it!

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