Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Monday 2nd February 09

As there was lots of snow this morning, Gill walked our youngest to school as cycling might have been difficult. I was therefore lucky to have a lie-in, after breakfast, and after ringing SUMA with our order which I would have inputted via the website last night, except Gill's lost the password... I read NewScientist and dozed. And then slept. Til midday... catching up on all the late nights I have and hard-working weekends... It is a rare treat to have such a lazy morning.

However, had a more active afternoon, doing housework, and at 3 cycled down to school with our sledge in the trailer. Our youngest was delighted to see me with it and I attached it to the trailer and cycled round the playground pulling him, and through some of the Science Park, but the more well-used roads were clear of snow so he sat on my luggage rack and the sledge went in my trailer. I wonder if it'll get used tomorrow? More snow is forecast.

I built a logpile outside the front door... we're getting through loads of wood, with both stoves going for most of the time to keep the house warm. Then cycled round to my GP's and after that, Sainsbury's to get mayonnaise and nice bread, Edam cheese and paracetamol.

Gill had cooked up a stir-fry with savoy cabbage and a pie, which was nice, and soon after this I gathered my paperwork together and cycled down to the monthly LETS meeting. No-one had been appointed chair so I got an agenda together and facilitated the meeting... and we were finished in an hour. The main topic was the funding application to see if we can go 'on the web' which will make administration so much easier, and members will be able to put their own info on the website.

Home by 9.30 and a peaceful couple of hours deleting emails... binned nearly 1000 out of my inbox, and now I can get emails again, as my provider had told me my inbox was full. MUST keep on top of this! It's a nightmare getting so many interesting emails each day!

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