Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Weds 8th October 08

I took our youngest into school as usual and then went into town to go to the Building Society.

Gill isn't well and went to see her medics and when I came back she also came in and went to bed.

Registered to participate in Blog Action Day on 15th October. I will try to write two blogs on poverty, one in this blog and one in John's Weird World on Community Care.

If you have a blog and want to participate, go to

I went to get our little one from school, and for tea heated up the last of the carrot soup with pasta, and one had a pastie, the other an egg sandwich followed by fruit. I had forgotten that St Nicks were sending their electric vehicle to pick up my fruit press and crusher, to do Apple Day on Saturday...

The usual nonsense in the evening with homework sparking off outbursts, tears, one child striking the other.

Once the children were in bed we had a quiet cosy evening and enjoyed watching Paul Merton exploring India (Channel 5) after which I had a good skype chat with a friend who wants to do a short film about my low carbon lifestyle and activism as part of her degree. It needs lots of planning.

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