Saturday, 11 October 2008

Saturday 11th October 08

Bit of a manic morning including taking my large galvanised bath down to St Nicks on the bike trailer so that apples could be easily washed before cutting in two, removal of major mouldy bits, popping in the crusher and thence into the press.

My stint there started at just before 1, to help set up the press. Jo arrived and set to with washing loads of apples, many of which were windfalls and therefore had some mud, slugs and bits of grass on. Chad, the new dad with a very cutie baby, took charge of the press when I wasn't around. I did some announcing as I have a loud voice and two stints of apple juggling workshop. Ali came and took some of her film, as she's doing a project for her degree and needed to get some shots of Professor Fiddlesticks in action. My family came too, Gill had some good chats with Ali and the boys borrowed Gill's digi camera and did some filming, which when downloaded onto their computer caused great hilarity.

When it officially finished at 4, there were still loads of apples to be processed and some people were intent on continuing to make more apple juice, and asked me to help... so I did but made my excuses and got away at 4.30, came home, got changed, held the fort when Gill went to get some goat's milk for our youngest who prefers this, and then bombed into town to meet up with Ali who needed to talk me through her film project. We met in Borders and her carer went to the station, and we went to City Screen for a drink, something to eat and a good chat. She created a kind of storyboard which was cool! I have to contact my friend Dexter and Kate Lock as they could feature...

Then for 7.40ish we went to the station where Ali was booked onto the train and I was home by soon after 8, to witness the boys larking around on their computer hooting wildly at the film and stills they'd taken. We stopped them though so they could come and watch a programme on the 50th anniversary of Blue Peter, after which they quickly went to bed.

Gill and I had a good game of Scrabble. I only just won.

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