Sunday, 12 October 2008

Sunday 12th October 08

A good slow start to the day. Peaceful.

Then lunch and got myself ready to go to work... loaded my bike trailer with jugglestuff and unicycles, and my backpack with costume, balloons and training unicycles.

Headed for the station and on to Starbeck, walked up past my favourite stove shop to the Methodist Church where I did a Circus show and balloon model workshop with a bunch of 20+ children, a few of whom were autistic or learning disabled. The birthday party went really well and shortly after 5 I was finished, got paid and headed back to the station.

Once back in York I cycled past Country Fresh where Richard had left me a box of gunk for sticking on the heap tomorrow. Glad that he's back... he's had a fortnight off and I've missed him and his amazing ability to sort the shop's recyclables out and reduce the amount stuff going in the bin.

Popped in on Deb on the way back, met her new friend Teff, had a quick chat and got home where Gill had had a tough day, attempting to get the children to do homework. My first words when I got in didn't help, but things settled down again. I had tea, reheated on the woodstove, and was quiet and tried not to interfere with anyone or anything...

The evening therefore was peaceful too.

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