Thursday, 8 November 2007

Wednesday 7th November 07

A reasonable day... first thing Gill went to see if the money that CompostFlow had taken out of our account had been put back in... it hadn't. So checked with our bank... and there was no sign of it coming in. So I phoned CompostFlow and informed them that I would be starting proceedings with the Trading Standards as they hadn't contacted me with an apology, or information, and they'd still got money of mine they shouldn't have. The very pleasent telephone operator said he's ask a manager to contact me, and then phoned back and said someone would ring at 1pm.

I had to go out to meet Frank at the allotment, to give him my seed order (seeds, spuds and onions) and then spent some time chopping back brambles and putting them on one of the 4 compost heaps on my lottie.

Gill stayed in, mended the flat tyre on our youngest's bike, and painted some cards for various relatives' birthdays. She did a lovely picture of an orchid and another of an arum lilly. The CompostFlow people didn't ring up, so when I got in I rand Trading Standards and they said get back in touch if the company hadn't responded for 2 weeks after recieving our letter!

I got the kids and there was a booksale on... ended up them both getting a book each, costing £12, then cycling home.

Enjoyed a programme on Silbury Hill on Freeview whilst shelling pumpkin seeds.

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