Thursday, 29 November 2007

Thursday 29th November 07

Managed a bit of a lie-in, til 8.15 anyway! Would have liked more as was up late last night wrestling with attempting to copy and paste yesterday's blog post from notepad into the blog create page.

However, opened it this morning and tried to publish and it did! Why is it temperamental, I wonder? Anyway, crisis over.

I spent most of the day with my logpiles, did some splitting/initial stacking, then a big load of chainsawing.

I picked up our youngest at 3.15, and then our eldest at 4.15 after his Drama Club... then a fairly hasty tea of pasta and broccoli, then at 6 took him to Cubs. Whilst he was here I popped in to see Jo and her husband and son, who live nearby where Cubs meet up. Good coffee and chats.

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