Friday, 2 November 2007

Friday 2nd November 07

Wow what a busy and upbeat day.

I took the kids to school as Gill wasn't feeling up to it, and I collected more leaves.

I took them down the garden and did a bit more compost management before getting ready to go to the Big Green Market which has a York Rotters stall alongside a St Nicks and a City Council Recycling stall. I went via Out Of This World and did a little pick up, then on to Millers Yard where Dylan had four sacks of oranges from his orange juice maker for me.

I parked my bike and trailer near the Big Green Market and spent 2 and a half hours advising members of the public about home composting, lots of enquiries, perhaps 50 or so. Very satisfying, how many people want to know how to compost... there was a queue much of the time!

At 2.30 I left as I had told Gill that I'd pick up the kids at 3. I just had time to unload my heavy trailer full and get down to school, but when I got there I discovered my back wheel was loose, so loose that when I lifted up the frame it came out of it's moorings. However, the design of the frame means that it can be ridden even with a totally loose wheel, so I was able to tentatively cycle back home with the kids. I rang Cycle Heaven when I got in, and they were happy to see me at 5.30 to repair the fault.

So had a brief sandwich tea and at 5 went down to town and Ash at Cycle Heaven did something magical and revamped the back wheel. I bought another bell, I now have 3 on my bike! I then made my way to the Minster for the gathering of the Critical Mass people, and we watched the beginning of the light sculpture on the Minster before we left.

There wer 13 bikes on the Critical Mass Cycle Ride, including two recumbents and one with a trike-trailer with two children pedalling away. A very enjoyable ride, almost no aggro.

Ended up back at the Minster at 7, and a few of us went for a drink at the Gillygate on Gillygate. A very enjoyable drink it was too. At 8.30 we all left, I came home via Martins where there was an immense pile of stuff for me to transport home, I'd estimate 100 kg in one trip. Even put a 20 kg sack on my handlebars!

Had a game of Scrabble as soon as I got in, and was winning handsomely until Gill dropped her tiles as she fell asleep and we called it a day, so I watched Joolz Holland whilst writing blog and Googlechatting with K over in America.

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