Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Saturday 21st January 12

An enjoyable day, as no 'agenda' or timetable or appointments.

However, I was quite busy, did quite a bit of log stacking, including another split-round which I stacked in its original shape, in the logpile next to the front door for its final drying before the stove gets it.... it makes the pile look arty and nice.

And I did some chainsawing and splitting too.... not much, about half an hour.

Gill went to town to get assorted kids clothes and ended up getting a bra, hat and boots for herself.  She was really pleased as she rarely buys anything for herself.

I took our meter-readings for The Carbon Account, and sent a message to my friends on The Carbon Account suggesting that they updated their graph...and two of them messaged me and told me off!  Oh dear, I'm not always that good a communicator, and I certainly didn't mean to upset anyone.

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