Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Tuesday 3rd January 12

Well a very low key day in lots of ways.  Gill and I filled in her Council form to claim for the cost of her glasses, broken when she tripped up over the wonky pavement on the 27th December.  Her bruised right elbow looks horrendous and she's still got a painful forehead and achy knees.

Later, I cycled down to the EcoDepot to hand the form in, and then on to Country Fresh which is having a closing down sale of sorts.  I came back via Freshways and got 2 sacks from there, and there were enough tomatoes in them to make a huge pan of soup AND a pan of stewed tomatoes, which I'll make into a pizza topping or something.

I did quite a bit of washing up and fruit preparation, took a couple of phone calls (hooray, got a Fiddlesticks booking for the end of the month!) and did the usual round of facebook Scrabble and assorted discussions and arguments.

Just before bed-time I popped out and liberated a few more logs from skip-hell.

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