Thursday, 6 September 2012

Sunday 1st January 12

We saw the New Year in with Ros, and our boys stayed up with Ros' son who's their best friend.  I went out after midnight on a slightly naughty wooding trip, going into a building site where several trees had been murdered and butchered. I expect I was doing a favour for the builders, so they didn't have to heave the logs into a skip. I got in after 1am, bed after 2.

And up at a sensible time, a quiet day mainly, but mid afternoon I went out to do some chainsawing and a bit of splitting. One of my neighbours, next door but one came round to tell me off about this.  I think he's Christian and doesn't approve of people working on Sundays, as he doesn't.  He claims to get up at 5am 6 days a week, works hard (and told me that I don't work) and that on Sunday he requires me to not split logs as it is too noisy and bangy for him.  I had said to him a year ago when he came round to say the same thing in the same bullying manner, that I'd try to observe his preferences, but today, I'd forgotten it.

I once again agreed to not split logs on a Sunday.  I managed not to say anything about his car.

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