Friday, 6 July 2012

Friday 23rd December 11

Didn't have to get up TOO early.... about 8.30 so I could leave the house at 9.15 and get the 9.45 bus to Leeds.  My platelets donation appointment was at 10.50, and it all went very smoothly, I gave 3 units in 78 minutes.  The woman next to me, a psychiatrist doing her first donation, was on a timer of 87 minutes to give two units, and the chap beyond her was like me, donating 3 units, but he was doing it in 95 minutes.  I have no idea why I'm so quick.  Is my blood hyperactive too?

I collected quite a few aluminium cans on the way back to the bus stop, and got a message from Glenn saying he was ready to meet me.... I was still in Tadcaster when I got this so I asked if he could hang on til 2.30.  I visited Country Fresh and Freshways on the way home, and got in at 2.25, Glenn arriving 10 minutes later.

It was good to see him, we chatted as I lit the stove, had a sandwich and then after an hour, I had to go out to pick up something from the chemist, so Glenn went on his way... he'd been doing some shopping  in York and was heading back to Scarborough.

I did a few bits and bobs around the house, emptying the vacuum cleaner, washing up, filling log baskets, contributing to the evening meal.... and later, watched 'Titanic' on the telly, which was really good.  Gill's seen it twice before but this was my first time.

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