Thursday, 25 August 2011

Thursday 11th August 11

Woken comparatively early considering the late night, by 'Mick the Brick' who had come to do our little bricklaying job.  He had lost our contact details and that's why he hadn't rung us to forewarn us.

He did a great job, first removing the wooden battens which covered the gap between the back of the house and the wall which was there before we built the conservatory. He used bricks which I'd been given by Gillian round the corner, left over from building the raised bed down the garden.  He laid the bricks slightly recessed from the existing front surface, with the intention to cover the bricks (which don't match the 'clamp bricks' of the house or free-standing wall) with a cement render, to make it look like a pillar or something.  All the wires and things he put in the cavity between the bricks.

Gill and I were delighted that this will stop any rodent ingress and it feels a lot more secure with bricks not wood, which was eaten through by a rat several years ago... and I had to pile bricks up against the outside to make it rodent proof since then.

Our youngest's 24 hour party came to an end at midday and all involved had enjoyed it.  The sleepover in the tent, with 5 of them, was obviously very exciting and fun.

I went to work at David's at 6 and we went to City Screen and had a nice chat with a solicitor and a physiotherapist from Elvington, I think.  David likes it that I have an uncanny knack of being able to strike up a conversation with just about anyone!  When we got back to David's I sorted out his washing machine and got him his meal, and left him to it.

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