Friday, 12 August 2011

Friday 5th August 11, 7th Day

Our last full day in Mevagissey.

Another lazy day mostly. I didn't go to Heligan as the children didn't want to go, and although Gill wanted to go, she was very achy and anyway, what would we do with the children if we both went?

I had a potential friend to go with, a gardener friend I know off Facebook, but in the end she didn't come... it was a reasonably long way to drive from Totnes, so I understand why she didn't show up.  Things got a bit 'pressure cookery' in the house, as really the boys need structure and something to do, and it all went mental when I tried to do a little video of the house, to show friends what it looks like, and I eventually decided to clear off out for a few hours to let the teen moment pass.  I spent well over an hour in the Mevagissey Museum, on the harbour, and I really loved this.  I chatted to several people there and enjoyed looking at the big stone apple crusher and stone cider press.  It is a lovely museum, with lots of handwritten notes, many with personal anecdotes, something you don't see in big modern museums.  It was a joy to wander around.  But eventually I'd had my fill of nostalgia and thinking about a low carbon, post peak oil future where hand-powered things will re-emerge as the most appropriate way to do some tasks.  These type of museums, with gadgets, gizmos and tools, could be an inspiration to Transitioneers.  For instance, they had a good collection of irons, for pressing clothes, which were heated on the range, in exactly the same way as the flat irons I got for us to use on our stove, which Gill has occasionally used.

I then went to the little beach where I skimmed some stones and practiced some devilstick moves.  I rang Gill and found out that they'd all gone back to the model railway museum, and things had calmed down a bit.  I went back to the cottage and had some peace and quiet before they came back.  It was good to get an apology, I apologised too, and we had a subdued evening.

We got things together for going tomorrow, and later on in the evening, my 5 days of BT FON net access finished.  I've found it really useful to have.

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