Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Tuesday 25th May 10

A reasonable day... both boys have a tummy bug and are off school, but they just read and did stuff on their computers/DS. Gill too was achy and found a that the medicine she is taking to deal with her painful ankle is affecting her kidneys and making her ankles swell up... back to the drawing board on that one then.

I spent the morning doing assorted emails, a Fiddlesticks booking, and a phone chat with the Cemetery Warden who has agreed to see me tomorrow. Also a brief chat with my Aunty who might be visiting this neck of the woods soon... she hasn't seen where we live so that would be nice.

But I spent most of the day in the garden... a bit of planting but I got distracted by a compost bin which needed emptying... well, two did, the finished bin, which is an old tumbler which has come off it's stand and is effectively a static barrel, and when I'd unloaded this into several sacks, I transferred the dalek-bin contents which have been sitting and rotting quietly for a year or more into the now available barrel. The tumbler, whilst in use (before I rescued it from a skip) had been gnawed by rats, and they had made one of the aeration holes a bit bigger. So I utilised this hole to carefully put a courgette plant in, so it will grow (I hope!) directly into the compost as it continues to rot down. I'm quite pleased with that!

I also got distracted by ground elder, which I now need to eradicate from the raised beds next to where the hedge was and is now replaced by the wall. I will need to remove the roots for several years to get rid of this weed.

After tea, which for me included some very stringy purple sprouting broccoli, the last of, I unicycled down to the Co-op for cereals for me and muffins for the children. I couldn't be bothered to get my bike out, nor could i be bothered to walk, as I wanted to get back for 9pm to see the Science programme on TV.

Spent some time on the new website later on, to edit a few bits. We'll be launching it next week!

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